Childrens’ Space

Week 1 Hi everybody!

Here’s a video to watch and share:

…and here’s a piece of music I’ve made up for you to listen to. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. Sometimes it’s bumpy, sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad. There are high notes and low notes. Long notes and short notes…can you hear how it changes?

Musical Opposites 1

Week 2 Hello folks!

This week’s video is all about listening:

…and here is the music for the Listening Song so that you can sing along at home!

Listening Song

Listen to the raindrops      (Listen to the raindrops)
Sound is all around          (Sound is all around)
Listen to the birdsong       (Listen to the birdsong)
Sound is all around          (Sound is all around)

Listen to the clock tick     (Listen to the clock tick)
Sound is all around          (Sound is all around)
Listen to your heartbeat     (Listen to your heartbeat)
Sound is all around          (Sound is all around)

Listen to the wind blow      (Listen to the wind blow)
Sound is all around          (Sound is all around)
Listen to the echo           (Listen to the echo)
Sound is all around!         (Sound is all around!)

Week 3 Hi guys!

Week 3 of the Music and Me website, and today’s video had some songs to sing along with, as well as a story called The Sound Detectives….all about a girl and her Grandad who go listening together:

…and here is a recording I made while out for a walk in the woods! As I was walking, a car passed by… and a family on bicycles… then when I reached the wood I couldn’t believe how many birds were singing to each other! Close your eyes while you listen…how many different sounds can you hear?

A walk in the woods

Week 4 Hello People!

Week 4’s video is all about songs…we’ll be singing some favourites, finding out about rhyming and then making up a song of our own:

Here is a version of The Shopping Song to sing along to:

The Shopping Song

And here are the words:

We went shopping down the street
To buy some tasty food to eat.
We’ve got a lot
So gather round
Let’s see what we’ve found!
A loaf of bread
Chocolate spread
A packet of ham
Strawberry Jam
A can of peas
A block of cheese
A bunch of grapes

Week 5 Hi everyone!

This week’s video is all about how music can make us think different thoughts and feel different feelings. There are a few songs to sing along with, and a game to play afterwards!

…and here are the 4 pieces of music I talk about at the end of the video. Each one makes me think of a different type of jungle animal. Have a listen and see what you think. Maybe you could clear a space on the floor and move along with the music – just like each animal moves!

Big animal music
Cheeky animal music
Flying animal music
Night-time animal music

Week 6 Hello young people everywhere!

Today I’ve made a video that has some songs about sheep. Don’t know why I like songs about sheep…but I do! Please do sing along. Then we are going on a pretend train journey somewhere nice and sunny and fun! Have your shaker ready to play along too! Enjoy…

Actually, this week I went on a real journey on my bike again and made another recording of it on my phone! Can you listen carefully and guess where I went this time?

Another bike journey!

Week 7 Hello again everyone!

Today I have made another video with some favourite songs as well as another Sound Story where I need you to join in and make all the sounds! Hope you like it…

I’ve also made another music track with lots of opposites in it…sometimes it’s bumpy, then smooth…sometimes it has high notes and sometimes low notes…it’s mostly happy but sometimes sad…see what you can hear!

Musical Opposites 2

Have fun!

I will still be uploading some videos and music during the summer holidays, but not every week. Do call in to the website or keep an eye on Facebook and twitter and I’ll let you know when there is something new to watch or listen to!


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