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It has taken me a little longer than I imagined to get this Music and Me site up and running! The Youth Music Initiative in local authorities where I regularly work have been very encouraging and supportive, keen as we all are to make sure that our children (and especially those at key developmental stages) do not loose out on important learning experiences just because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The process of recording some simple Music and Me sessions for the site has been the trickiest part. I had forgotten just how reciprocal the sessions have become…it’s not just me as musician/adult leading the children in play, but a genuine collaborative exploration where every look, question and comment from the children steers the play in a slightly different direction. There is always a sense that we are “all in this together” (to quote the current cliche!), learning and discovering things in real-time. I think that is what keeps the project alive and exciting…and it is something of which I was so aware in front of a camera, alone in my own back room…I really miss working with the kids!

So I’m going to be learning each week as we go along… you and your children’s feedback is seriously going to help make things better! Please feel free to comment here…all advice and criticism welcome…and I also do requests!

DT 12.05.2020

I’m missing those old school pianos!

Photo by Andrew Sherrif

DT 20.05.2020

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