Welcome to Music and Me

A music resource for Early Years Children, Teachers and Parents

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Children’s Space

Video clips, games, songs and music files to play along with and enjoy!

Teacher’s Space

Information for teachers relating the Children’s Space material to the wider curriculum; links and discussion.

Parent’s Space

Further material, ideas and links to research that highlight the importance of music and song to your child’s development.

About Us

Music and Me is a music-based enhanced learning programme for Early Years that uses Music, Songs, Rhymes, Rhythm, Stories and Games to help develop curiosity, create adventure and support learning at this crucial stage.

Since its initial development in 2011, the programme has evolved and expanded into an invaluable resource that is now used in Nurseries and Early Primary classes across Central Scotland, with sessions funded by the Youth Music Initiative.

Constant monitoring and evaluation is the key to the project’s success…so if you have any comments, questions or feedback please tell us via the Contact page.